Pin4 | Issuer Benefits
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Issuer Benefits

benefits for issuers - Pin4

Benefits for Issuers

Consumer Rewards

· Pin4™brings a new and innovative way for companies and their promotional partners to engage, incentivize and reward customers in real-time by providing instant gratification of rewards.

· The Pin4™ Cardless Cash Network is the fastest, most secure and efficient way for businesses to reward their customers with cash at any time at any enabled Pin4 ATM.

· Pin4 is disrupting the rebates, promotional payments and rewards space by providing a fast and easy fulfillment process which decreases breakage and provides immediate gratification and repeat customers.

P2P Transfers

· Person to Person transfer of money is increasing in the U.S and consumers are seeking simpler and more convenient ways to send cash to relatives and friends.

· Pin4™ has simplified the P2P transfer of money by enabling the pick-up of cash at any time, at any enabled ATM.

Mobile Cash Access (Mobile Wallet Cash Withdrawals)

· Pin 4’s fast and secure solution provides quick and easy access to cash at any enabled ATM for any mobile wallet.

· Utilizing the Pin4 solution you can withdraw cash from an enabled ATM at any time without using any card.