Pin4Cash uses patented technology to enable consumers, businesses and governments to instantly deliver cash to Recipients via their mobile devices.

The Recipient receives a text message with a simple pin code that can be input by the Recipient at any enabled ATM to obtain the cash – without the use of any Recipient card or bank account.

How Pin4Cash Works.

Sender Identifies Recipient and Amount to a certified Pin4Cash Partner

Recipient receives a text message (and a secret code sent separately by sender)

Recipient goes to the nearest participating ATM in the network

Recipient uses the order credentials to withdraw cash (no debit card or bank account required)

The Solution

 Pin4Cash enables the instant sending of cash to Recipients via their mobile devices and supports many different use cases, including:

Consumer Incentives

Pin4Cash is the newest, most innovative solution to reward and engage your customers.

Emergency Cash

Pin4Cash is the fastest, most convenient way to deliver cash to consumers for lost/stolen cards or other emergencies.

Social Programs

Pin4Cash is the fastest, most efficient way for a government to deliver a social benefit to a designated recipient.

P2P Transfers

Pin4Cash is the fastest, most convenient way for a sender to deliver a domestic or cross-border P2P transfer.

The Technology

 Pin4Cash provides an end-to-end solution including:

  • PCI Certification
  • Order entry APIs
  • ATM connectivity/disbursement authorization
  • Robust order management and reporting platform
  • Global multicurrency platform

Patented in 13 countries, including the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Proprietary technology platform

Operating in Europe for over ten years
Successfully disbursed millions of cardless cash transactions representing hundreds of millions of Euros

Pin4 developed and launched Pin4Cash as a new and innovative cardless cash solution.


About Pin4

Pin4 is a venture-backed Fintech company whose mission is to build a truly global cardless cash solution for delivering B2C and G2C payments and P2P transfers using consumers’ mobile devices and the existing global network of over 3.5 million ATMs.

Pin4 has been operating in Spain for more than 10 years under the brand HalCash and its solution has been used by many banks, corporations, consumer brands and others to deliver instant cash to their customers without the need for a debit/credit card or bank account.

Pin4’s proprietary technology is patented in 13 countries and has completed millions of cardless cash transactions representing hundreds of millions of dollars with prominent, global, consumer brands.

In 2019, Pin4 acquired HalCash International in Spain.

In 2019, Pin4 launched in the U.S. in partnership with Mastercard under the brand Mastercard Cash Pick-Up™.

In 2020, Pin4 launched in the U.K. under the brand Pin4 Cash.

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