Pin4 | Use Cases
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Use Cases

Brand Promotion - PIN4


There is tremendous potential for brand promotions using the Pin4 system. Pin4 enables brands to immediately engage and reward customers through the delivery of cardless cash. It is a win-win proposition as winning participants need not wait for a drawing or a mailed check or reward card, and brands acquire valuable customer data.

Brand promotion clients in Europe include Coca Cola, Pepsi, Bacardi and Nestle.

Pin4 provides brands the opportunity to take their mobile digital advertising campaigns to a new level!

Promotional Applications

  • Pin4 enables brands to immediately engage and reward customers through the delivery of cardless cash
  • Winning participants need not wait for a drawing or a mailed check or a reward card.
  • Brands can collect customer data
  • Customers avoid providing personal information such as banking data or home address.


How Does Instant Cash Rewards work?
Example: Coke Twist and Win

1. Twist the Cap
2. Text the Code to Coke
3. If you’re a winner Receive a Code from Coke
4. Receive a Code from Pin4
5. Go to ATM (Redeem your Instant Cash)

Coca Cola has been a partner of HalCash for over three years

Current promotional partners - PIN4
Mobile person to person - PIN4


– Person to Person transfer of money is increasing in the U.S and consumers are seeking simpler and more convenient ways to send cash to relatives and friends.

– Pin4™ has simplified the P2P transfer of money by enabling the pick-up of cash at any time, at enabled ATM machines.

– The Pin4™ ATM footprint will continue to grow with nationwide access available in 2016.


Pin4’s fast and secure solution provides quick and easy access to cash at any enabled ATM for any mobile wallet. Utilizing the Pin4 solution you can withdraw cash from an enabled ATM at any time without using any card.

Mobile wallet cash withdrawal - PIN4
Rebate Programs - PIN4


Often times, a consumer will purchase a rebated product with the intention of sending in the rebate, but they fail to take advantage of the offer because it is too much of a hassle to assemble the collection of paperwork and proofs-of-purchase. While this is often the idea behind rebate marketing programs (low redemption rates), this procedure can leave the consumer with a vague feeling of having been scammed. This isn’t the impression that consumer-conscious brands want to leave on a consumer. As proven in Europe by Pin4, delivery of a rebate through a cardless ATM transaction is a welcomed answer. Hand-in-hand with brand promotion, delivery of this service will bring cardless ATM withdrawal into the everyday experience of today’s consumer.


With implementation of the PIN4 system (both in the US and internationally), PIN4 offers a 24/7 emergency cash program that will significantly reduce the time and cost associated with current solutions (wired or delivered funds), while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Emergency cash programs - PIN4
Premier Channel For Global Remittance


Given the existing HalCash footprint, HalCash will significantly impact the international remittance market. Where it has traditionally taken years to establish agent and other pick-up locations, HalCash can (and has) created thousands of distribution points (ATMs) in a matter of months.


With Pin4 loyalty/rewards members can convert accumulated points to cash that can be withdrawn at the local ATM. This convenience enhances the overall consumer experience, resulting in heightened brand image.

Loyalty Interactive Programmes - PIN4
E-gifts - PIN4


The gift card market is ready for disruption. In 2014, gift cards accounted for more than $124 billion worldwide. By offering a cardless distribution of cash, Pin4 provides a platform for innovation in this space. Digital gifts (e.g., $100 for a wedding or birthday, $20 for straight-As) can be sent via social media or by a digital greeting card – or through a corporate campaign. By integrating the Pin4 system into this process, the age-old gesture of the gift of cash is brought into the social digital age.


Relief funds for disaster victims and their communities are often created whether the disaster is natural such as a hurricane or flood or man-made such as a mass layoff or terrorist attack. While in these circumstances, insurance companies and governmental disaster relief agencies assist with recovery on a large scale, in the immediate aftermath, needs such as money for food, clothing and short-term shelter are vital. By working with international relief agencies such as Red Cross, we can provide a convenient distribution channel for a program that meets this need. Along similar lines, the Pin4 system could be used as a platform for charitable causes that deliver immediate funds.

Disaster cash disbursement - PIN4
Lottery game apayout - PIN4


As an alternative to delivery of cash rewards for lottery winners of $200 or less, state lotteries can use the PIN4 platform. Given the nature of the platform, the state lottery commission (and its commercial partners) would be able to capture consumer data and potentially deliver an advertising message (providing for incremental revenue).


Microlending (loans from $20 – $300), whether P2P or through micro-lending institutions, is a viable market and there is an opportunity to provide a delivery system that creates greater efficiencies for this market. PIN4 is well poised to create opportunities in this space.

Micro loans - PIN4
Insurance claim payment - PIN4


Small claim insurance payments are easily delivered through the PIN4 system. This would produce a cost saving to the insurer (as well as the insured), as the need for overnight delivery fees and checks are eliminated.